The Project at Hand
Holiday Promo

Giving the client something to remember us by

Every year, reitdesign likes to thank its clients with a little personal gift. The goal is to make something the receiver won't want to throw out the next day, but rather enjoy or use for the years to come.

The Results

A simple gift with a sentimental message

We created a playful, color-coordinated box containing a cozy hat, scarf and pair of gloves—each sporting a reitdesign-branded label—that carried the retro-romantic, New York winter theme, “Get Smitten.” By branding the promotion in a caring theme, the relatively simple items became sentimental gifts.

Lovely Lockups

A unique text lockup was created for each piece of clothing in the promo: Canoodle Daily, Squeeze Tightly, and Neck Passionately.

Personal Touch

The back of each item divider featured a different list of NYC hotspots, each related to love and handpicked by members of reitdesign.

Awards & Accolades
Communicator Award
Summit Award
A Job Well Done
Thankful Clients