The Project at Hand
Board Game

Developing a board game

While on the hunt for the perfect board game, two friends and I took it upon ourselves to create our own. What began as a passion project turned into a huge, sprawling endeavor - one that allowed me to hone my design skills and learn new programs along the way. I personally tasked myself with the graphic design, website development, 3D modeling, and rendering for the project. We spent years ideating, designing, and spreading the word of Townsfolk Tussle via social media and our website, with the eventual goal of launching a campaign on Kickstarter.

The Results

An unexpected success

While we did not have a marketing budget, we hoped the game's unique 1930's cartoon art style and emphasis on comedic, co-op gameplay would draw players in. We were blown away by Townsfolk Tussle's reception on Kickstarter, surpassing our funding goal in less than an hour. By the end of the campaign, we had successfully raised over $430k in funding. The campaign was (and continues to be) a fantastic learning process in regards to project management, allowing us to work in tandem with manufacturers and act as customer support for our 5,000+ backers.

Lots of moving parts

A total of 700+ pieces were created to form the final product, including over 400 cards, 19 miniatures, and 50+ punchout tokens.

Awards & Accolades
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