The Project at Hand
Holiday Promo

Something worth holding onto

Every year reitdesign creates a gift for its clients. The goal is to make something unique that the client will want to keep around, and in turn, keep reitdesign on their minds.

The Results

A gift made for giving

In an interesting twist, we created a promo that aims to be given, rather than kept. The promo revolves around 12 strange (but real) holidays, one for each month of the coming year. Each holiday has a uniquely designed card intended for the client to send to their friends and family. Combined with a calendar, notepads, branded pencils and stickers, the promo piece left a great impression on our clients, as well as winning a Communicator Award.

Showing our styles

The openness of the project allowed each designer to show of their unique design styles.

Awards & Accolades
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